Ms. Manasvi Lamichhane, a Bachelors’s student studying Biotechnology, has a keen interest in service. She believes that happiness doesn’t come from what we get but from what we give. Talking about her, she loves writing, traveling, speaking, and services. She believes that it is not enough to only be compassionate but one must act for it. She has very good experience in public speaking, debates and also been a moderator of online conferences.

Manasvi is a confident and friendly girl enthusiastic enough to achieve what she dreams. She has been a part of a few MUNs and is also interested in graphics. She has worked as a graphic designer in WYIMUN Nepal. She believes that ultimate happiness comes from helping and serving the needy. She is a girl with passion and has also volunteered in social work activities and projects. She is a creative thinker always willing to write creative stuff.
Manasvi believes talking doesn’t help much, our words must be brought upon action to create change. She looks forward to helping and create a positive impact in society through her works.